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Your data

Terms and conditions regarding your data


  • Planet+Partners is committed to the confidentiality of all information we receive from you.
  • In accordance with our privacy policy, we ask that you do not enter any personal data in online questionnaires in Optimal SCANS, including on the profile page and in uploaded evidence. We will only use your company’s general email address to create your account.
  • The scores calculated using Optimal SCANS can be published anonymously by Planet+Partners as a ranking. Your data and your scores will remain anonymous unless your organization gives permission for the name of your organization to be used.
  • The data collected through the use of Optimal SCANS may be used anonymously by Planet+Partners for scientific research. Optimal SCANS works with a secure connection and has been secured by Cyber Security experts and tested with specialized software. Planet+Partners will treat your data confidentially. Please note the link you use to log in gives access to your account to anyone who clicks on that link. Planet+Partners is not liable if you give access to third parties through careless use and management of the link you use to log in.


The terms and conditions for copying, use outside Optimal SCANS and sharing criteria in a Scan or Benchmark can be found here: 


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1 Oktober 2022